Flexible care pathways

Our platform optimizes the foundational cornerstones of remote care, enabling them to be deployed in a variety of clinical settings and staffing models.

Remote patient monitoring

Engage and monitor all of your patients — even those who may be unfamiliar with technology.

Enrollment & onboarding

Our flexible enrollment system handles operations from patient consent to the first vital submission.

Biometric sensor kits

Sensor kits are customized based on each patient's chronic conditions and each program's goals.

Vital & data collection

The Harmonize app ensures all sensor connectivity works out of the box with no setup required.

Patient engagement

The Harmonize app adapts to maintain high adherence even many months after enrollment.

Chronic care management

Maintain consistent communication while delivering powerful educational content to patients.

Decision support

From insulin optimization to care plans, Harmonize integrates powerful analytics tools.

Health education

Harmonize delivers educational content & behavioral coaching directly to patients.


We facilitate telehealth features such as video visits, chat, questionnaires, and patient-reported outcomes.

Alerts & interventions

Efficiently identify patient deteriorations and facilitate timely clinical interventions.

Clinical setup

Our routing technology connects different staff models to handle alert triage while optimizing information flow & escalation pathways.

True alert identification

Our evidence-based classifiers eliminate erroneous alerts and ensure clinical staff see far lower volumes of false alerts.


By optimizing clinical flow, Harmonize enables clinical staff to efficiently handle large volumes of patient alerts.

Streamlined interventions

Harmonize compiles true alerts into easily digestible reports that enable intervention decisions within minutes.

Metrics & outcomes

Utilize powerful metrics to understand the success of your program and make adjustments as needed.

Medical utilization

We consolidate ER visits and hospitalizations to make real time adjustments that optimize health economics & outcomes.

Risk stratification

Harmonize’s proprietary classifiers create real time measures that predict the onset of hospitalizations and ER visits.

Health stabilization

Harmonize has a proven track record of stabilizing patient health, lowering patient alerts, and reducing vitals fluctuations.

Empowered by Data & AI

By combining human and artificial insight, our platform is able to optimize information flow, reduce operating overhead, and drive better outcomes at scale.


Our integration hub seamlessly communicates with EHR’s, other analytics vendors, and ancillary clinical services.