Streamlined patient experience

Regardless of a patient's familiarity with technology, Harmonize enables them to get connected with timely care effortlessly.

Streamlined patient experience

Customized kits

Patients receive a kit with digital health tools customized for their unique needs. Paired with our mobile app, patients can easily perform check-ins and receive timely treatment from their healthcare providers.

Customized remote patient monitoring kits

Powerfully simple

Our mobile app and kits work out-of-box with no setup required. Any combination of sensors & tools on our platform activates with just one single button press.

Remote Patient Monitoring App

Reliable communication

Harmonize enables rapid video visits & chat with clinical teams. Patients can feel safe knowing that their providers are readily available for their needs.

Harmonize enables rapid video visits & chat with clinical teams

Proven patient engagement and satisfaction

Simple, elegant, and effective, Harmonize empowers patients to take control of their health.

Avg Minutes TO SUBMIT Measurements
Avg Decrease IN Vital Fluctuations Over time
Monthly Retention