Engineered Remote Health Management to Deliver the Highest Patient Engagement

Deliver powerful patient outcomes through an effective remote health management (RHM) platform. Meet Harmonize Health.

May 12, 2022

Remote Health Management (RHM) platforms come in many formats and offer different things. But one things for certain, RHM platforms need to communicate reliably with patients and work from mobile devices. With the varying patient ages and type of users, the setup process also needs to be very simple.

Meet Harmonize Health, Your Engineered RHM.

Harmonize Health is a remote patient monitoring platform for easy RHM and high patient engagement. It is engineered to seamlessly connect patients to their health care providers, sharing real-time, comprehensive, and intelligent data for the most challenging patients.

Results from a 2021 peer-reviewed study and a 2019 clinical trial at HealthCare Partners Nevada*, show an easy and engaging platform like Harmonize Health brings:

  • 70% more patient engagement
  • 50% reduction in total bed stays
  • 61% overall reduced hospitalizations
  • 43% overall reduced ER visits

Not to mention, happy and engaged patients.

"I love having control over my health and knowing how to stop [deteriorations] before they get started." --- Diabetes and Hypertension Patient, Age 68

Positive metrics and patient satisfaction starts with key features like:

  1. Customized kits: Patients receive a kit with digital health tools customized to their unique needs.
  2. Mobile friendly applications: Easy for patients to enroll and engage in treatment plans with a calick of a button.
  3. Reliable communications: Patients receive video visits and chat with clinical teams - helping them feel safe knowing their provides are there to give on-hand support.

At Harmonize Health, we align to your program goals and help streamline the patient experience, which delivers powerful clinical outcomes. Interested in learning more about Harmonize Health? Request a free demo.

*Data Source:
IRB Intervention Data to Project Trident: 2019 clinical trial at HealthCare Partners Nevada, records on file. Data as of Summer 2020. Study started in July 2019, concluded in July 2020. 2021 Peer reviewed data is on file at Harmonize Health.