Together, in harmony

A remote patient monitoring platform that helps providers engage patients easily to improve their health.

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So easy to use, patients actually use it

Harmonize Health is an intuitive RPM platform helping providers maintain the highest patient engagement. Patients can enroll and engage with their treatment protocols with a click-of-a-button.

Customized Kits

Digital health tools customized to the patient’s unique needs.

Mobile-Friendly Applications

Intuitive enrollment and accessible check-ins, treatment plans, and more.

Reliable Communications

On-hand support with clinical teams using video and chat features.

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Optimizing clinical outcomes

Harmonize brings efficiency to care delivery for a sustainable remote monitoring program. We empower triage teams to deliver the greatest patient care while avoiding costly interventions or admissions.

Reduction in ER visits 1
Cost Savings per patient per year 2

"We've seen a greater than 50% reduction in hospitalizations and more than 60% reduction in emergency room visits."

Steven D. Evans, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Centene Corporation

Uniting the entire care spectrum

We bring together RPM programs and clinical workflows through a seamless feedback loop using smart, flexible, and intuitive technology.

Streamlined user experience

Whether you are a provider or a patient, every step of the platform is designed to be user-friendly.

For Providers

Our platform enables medical groups to perform triage and deliver care within tailored clinical flows.

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For Patients

Our system is usable by all patients, including those who may not be familiar with technology.

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Flexible program design based on your goals

Some of the programs we’ve launched so far include:

High-Risk Patient Care

Bring cutting edge digital health to populations with multiple comorbidities, many of whom are unfamiliar with technology.

Acute Care Clinic

Monitor patients closely for deteriorations and ensure timely clinical interventions are performed.

Chronic Disease Management

Efficiently monitor chronic disease patients for symptoms with reduced operating and labor overhead.

COVID-19/Flu Monitoring

Detect the early onset of flu while providing education and therapeutics to combat symptoms.

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